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DENIM that is moving the whole world around since 1873. We proudly say that we are in exploring the raw & oldest fabric of the world.

It’s an era of denim where everyone is fond of Denim, it may be Jeans, Jackets, Tops, Skirts, or Camisoles. We love denim in all seasons.

It has vivid memories of hanging up, gossiping at cafés, dating at amazing outdoor dining, roaming around the city to explore new dishes, Shopping on the streets, Studying at the corner of the college canteen & many more…

We have some amazing styles and trends with NOTAM, that will spotlight you out of the crowd.

Check out the best fashion trends in Denim Jeans.

1. Flared Jeans

If you’ve been bored and want to late off that skinny style, put on a flared pair and you’ll be stunned to see how many times you’re caught looking at yourself in the mirror during the day.

This pair of jeans will enhance your body shape to suit with a cute, cropped top to go with the trend. Combining it with a pair of booties or sandals with heels will make you that chic girl in a room.

2. Baggy Jeans

Looking at this pair of jeans you will find yourself in a nod to the ’80s, baggy, ultra-loose jeans are one of the most dominant bottom trends of the year. 

If you don’t know how to start with such a rare outfit, try our NOTAM pair of baggy jeans with an amazing solid T-shirt to go with.

Once you give these a whirl, you’ll be asking your mom why she didn’t save her old clothes for you.

3. Straight Jeans

Straight jeans are a clear replacement for skinnies over the past couple of years. 

They are nothing extraordinary but look great on everyone who wears them. It spotlights the cool-girl vibe and effortless fashion nowadays.

There is no such difference between Skinny and Straight just a size lose at the bottom i.e., one step wider than skinny.

4. Tapered Leg Jeans

If you are done with skinny jeans just keep them aside and try on the tapered leg jeans. They are not skinny nor Straight but a combination of them that narrow towards the ankle. But amazingly-comforting!

They give a boho-chic look to your style and, when teamed up with your favorite pair of sneakers, make you look like the diva you already are.

5. Boyfriend Jeans

These are like straight-leg jeans, but m2ore relaxed through the hip and thighs–we love boyfriend jeans. They are comfy, and loose fit that makes easy moves throughout the day. Since they are a bit slouchy and oversized, you can quickly go from laid-back cool-girl vibes to bold and frumpy.

6. Cropped Jeans

Another dodge for you, but it’s a great alternative to skinny, try wearing your cropped jeans with socks and a pair of loafers, here we are talking about the no-show socks, something with a bit of an ankle, it will make you stand out of the crowd. It will spotlight like you are back in the 80s.

This pair of jeans will make you astonish with an Indie style kurta or tunics and a long-oversized shrug with high heels.

7. Bootcut Jeans

What to say about these jeans! They are the classy ones.

Bootcut jeans are classic and old fashion though new trends. Bootcut is a new fashion for everyday routine, it seems slim and stylish on your body, and good dark-wash jeans with the appropriate length will always be a smart wardrobe staple.

Bootcut Jeans can be worn with structured shoes that are pointed leather flats, ankle boots, or loafers.

You can say, it’s a cycle we are going back in fashion, the raw and rough style of denim, which we provide, and vision to go back to the Authentic original one.

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