About Us

As the world evolves, so do people. Brands are also no different. Notamm’s primary goal is to make it easier for customers to dress stylishly while yet feeling comfortable. We are a company that honors fashion in all its glorious authenticity, individuality, and free spirit. A company that focuses on creating clothes that not only make you happy but also complete you quickly evolved from what had first been an experiment in recycling and rethinking a primary material: DENIM


Notamm understands that the fundamentals of fashion are being at ease and self-assured in your attire. As a result, customizing clothing to fit perfectly and finding the ideal harmony between comfort and style are consistent with the brand’s “stitch to connect” concept.  Fashion has always meant more to us than merely designing garments.  Because of this, we constantly strive to ensure that your individuality can be shown via our clothing.


Brand Philosophy